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Quick Bodybuilding Tips


Here are some great quick and easy bodybuilding tips that will give you results faster.

Lifting More Weights

One thing that will make the biggest difference to your muscle gain is if you are able to add more weight to the bar.

Over the course of a few months you need to be adding more weight and lifting more weight.

A great bodybuilding workout should include the lifting of heavier and heavier weights. If you have added as much weight as you can then you can start to look at supersets, drop sets and so on, this gives you the ability to add more weight later on.

One Rep Short of Failurerep

The second thing that you need to look in bodybuilding is the rule on failure. There are some that believe you have to lift to failure for every set so that you can build muscle.

It is true that you need to push the muscles past their own comfort level, but it can cause issues when you are lifting to failure every time.

Your central nervous system will fatigue for instance and you will not have the energy to do another exercise.

You will want to do a few exercises in each of your workouts, so aim to go one or two reps short of failure.

You will still be pushing your body hard and working on the intensity that is needed to build muscle, but it won’t destroy you.

Work Two Muscles Groups at Once

You need to focus on compound exercises in bodybuilding. You will have a limited time to workout so rather focus 80% of it on working at least two muscle groups.

Attention to your Body Before and After a Workout

You need to give your body fuel before and after your bodybuilding workout. You need to make sure that you fulfilling the amino acids your body uses to create new muscle mass and you have to have carbohydrates that will give you energy to create new muscle tissue.

Change It

If you feel that you are not gaining any more muscle from your bodybuilding workout then you have hit a plateau. You can avoid this by changing just one thing in your workout program every week.


Also don’t forget that rest is important and you need time to recover. Your body needs time to recuperate before you go back to the gym.

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Bodybuilding Exercises for Muscle Building


As a bodybuilder one of your goals will be to build muscle and there are bodybuilding exercises that you will need to master in order to maximise your muscle building.


Lunges are the best leg developer. There is a lot of balance involved in order to execute the lunge and it then provides the highest amount of muscle stimulation to the lower body. Lunges are also versatile because if you press with the ball of your foot you will emphasize quadriceps stimulation and if you press with the heel you will emphasize glute/hamstring stimulation.


Another great leg developer is squats and it is also an overall body developer. When a squat is done with a bar on the back you will literally use every muscle in the body so that you can perform this exercise.

You can add dumbbells, a barbell and even a weight belt with squats. There also various stances you can use. The close stance will work the outer thighs, the medium stance will use all of the quadriceps equally and the wide stance will use the inner thighs.

Wide Grip Pull Up to Front

Wide grip pull ups to front will get you a wider back. This is the best exercise to create a back width and thickness. It is best to perform this to the front as to the back is hard on the rotator cuff.

You can change the width of the grip so that you can affect slightly different back muscles. A medium grip will require your hands to be spaced out a distance equal to your shoulder width and for a close grip the distance will need to be smaller than your shoulder width.

Close Grip Chins

A great exercise for either the back or the biceps is close grip chin ups that are performed with the palms of the hands facing you.

If you want to emphasize the back then it is important that you lean back and stick your chest out. Performing the exercise with the torso straight will emphasize the biceps.

Push Ups

The push up is another great exercise and when it is performed correctly it can produce more stimulation then even the bench press.

You can use a weight vest with a push up or have a partner slightly push you down to intensify it. You can change the exercise up by placing your feet on a raised platform and also place your hands closer together to target the triceps and inner chest more.